11 [S1 E11] Pamela

We talk with Pamela Karanova of Adoptee in Recovery, a fellow adoptee who’ll be sharing her story with us. We talk about her search, a brief reunion, her struggle with alcohol addiction and recovery, and some surprising connections she’s made with extended bio family members through DNA testing. We also discuss some issues about Christianity and adoption.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Finding out she was adopted at age 5

  • Fantasizing about birthmother returning to take her home

  • 1970s - adoptive parents instructed not to talk about adoption/adoptee issues

  • An adopted sister who was less interested in adoption

  • Adoptive parents divorced one year after her adoption

  • Began drinking at age 12

  • Turned 21 (had her first baby), desire to find her birthmother

  • Phoning her birthmother for the first time

  • Meeting her half sister, and her birthmother in person

  • Going to her birthmother's funeral and not being acknowledged

  • Finding out she was the product of an affair with a married man

  • Finding her birthfather and a wild drive to knock on his door

  • Discovering both of her birthparents were alcoholics; deciding to go to Celebrate Recovery

  • Journey to sobriety; finding common roots of addiction in rejection and abandonment

  • Finding her hope and healing in God; writing her blog and managing the FB group, How Does it Feel to Be Adopted; therapy

  • Losing her connection with her biological sister (who also relinquished a child)

  • DNA testing and connecting with a cousin

  • Deciding whether or not to meet her paternal grandmother

  • Discussing the church's relationship with adoption

  • Words of advice for adoptive parents

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