2 [S1 E2] Holly

Today we’ll be talking to Holly, a fellow adoptee who’ll be sharing her reunion ups and downs. We also discuss parenting as an adoptee as well as becoming an adoptive parent. We’ll wrap up with some recommended resources for you.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Reunion with birth mother

  • Regression in reunion

  • Adoption as trauma

  • Triggers for adoptees

  • DNA test for paternity

  • Biological siblings

  • Secondary rejection from biological father

  • Developmental trauma and attachment disorders

  • International adoption from China

  • Parenting as an adoptee; adopting as an adoptee

  • Thematic Processing Therapy

Recommended Resources


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  • Holly: Twitter
    "I have a network of adoptive parent friends that I’ve been in contact with online (and several in person) for the last 10 years or more. They are the people who were (and still are) interested in my experience as an adoptee, as it helped them understand what their child might be working through. They have never shut me down or tried to silence me. They listen and some have even asked me personally about things in order to help their adopted child/ren. There are some AP's there that truly are willing to listen to the adoptee’s voice. Perhaps not many - but they are there.” - Holly"

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