Season 1, Episode 7: Mary Anna

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • In-Family Adoption
  • Reunion with siblings, highs and crashes
  • Keeping journals to catalogue events
  • Physical reaction to a surprise reunion: losing voice
  • Adoption as an older child, with a name change
  • Relationship with biological sister
  • Contact with birthmother
  • Biological father's belief in adoption as "God's plan"
  • Adoption meant moving from poverty to middle-class, a feeling of giving up birthparents for financial stability
  • Feelings of indebtedness, adoptee guilt
  • Shift in perspective from adoption as win-win-win, to adoption involving loss for all three parties of the triad

Recommended Resources

  • Bastards: A Memoir, by Mary Anna King
  • Angela Tucker's blog, The Adopted Life, her web series, and documentary Closure

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