9 [S1 E9] Liz Story

An interview with Liz Story who shares her journey of reunion with her birth mother, her gift of a kidney (!) to her maternal aunt, and her hesitation to connect with her birth father and how Twitter led Liz to explore an entirely new definition of what it means to be adopted.


Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Birth mother did not tell birth father she was pregnant

  • A desire to find her birth mother from a very young age

  • Finding her non-identifying information in her parents' safe!

  • Had a happy childhood, yet still didn’t quite feel she belonged

  • One brother, also adopted

  • Adoptive parents had multiple miscarriages - reason to adopt

  • Searching at age 18, social worker refused to allow Liz to apply for her records until she had completed multiple hours of counselling among other hoops

  • Having her daughter prompted Liz to search for her birthmother again

  • Open record legislation: Liz obtains her original birth certificate and her court paperwork

  • Hiring a private investigator (Worldwide Tracers) to find her birth mother

  • Her first phone call with her birth mother

  • Deciding to donate a kidney to her maternal aunt

  • Writing her book about the journey

  • Her decision not to connect with her birth father (and half siblings) at this time

  • Advice for reunion - go slow

  • Reunion ups and downs, how to blend families

  • Twitter changing her views on adoption

  • Her blog showing her transformation (coming out of the fog)

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