Season 1, Episode 9: Liz Story


Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Birth mother did not tell birth father she was pregnant
  • A desire to find her birth mother from a very young age
  • Finding her non-identifying information in her parents' safe!
  • Had a happy childhood, yet still didn’t quite feel she belonged
  • One brother, also adopted
  • Adoptive parents had multiple miscarriages - reason to adopt
  • Searching at age 18, social worker refused to allow Liz to apply for her records until she had completed multiple hours of counselling among other hoops
  • Having her daughter prompted Liz to search for her birthmother again
  • Open record legislation: Liz obtains her original birth certificate and her court paperwork
  • Hiring a private investigator (Worldwide Tracers) to find her birth mother
  • Her first phone call with her birth mother
  • Deciding to donate a kidney to her maternal aunt
  • Writing her book about the journey
  • Her decision not to connect with her birth father (and half siblings) at this time
  • Advice for reunion - go slow
  • Reunion ups and downs, how to blend families
  • Twitter changing her views on adoption
  • Her blog showing her transformation (coming out of the fog)

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