Season 1, Episode 8: Diane

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Born in 1956 in California, relinquished and placed in foster care until 2.5 months
  • Grew up with one adopted younger brother
  • Bio-parents were engaged (possibly married) 
  • Searching for birthmother - Salvation Army Hospitals opened records and assisted search and reunion
  • Her first phone call with her birthmother
  • Discovering her birthmother has other relinquished children
  • Meeting her siblings and first cousins
  • The honeymoon stage and then letting go of the fantasy of reunion
  • What reunion looks like now; more friendly and surface-level relationships
  • The difficulty of building relationships in reunion when you don't have shared childhoods/experiences
  • Movie "Antwone Fisher" (2002) 
  • Birthmother still keeping her a secret from some extended family
  • Feeling ambivalent about the state of being adopted vs being an adoptee, the intermingling of joy and grief, coming to terms that the unsettled feelings may be permanent
  • Choosing to do a DNA search for biological father
  • Advice to us about slowing down in reunion; reflecting on your emotions during reunion
  • Feeling grounded and rooted once she met her birth family
  • Therapy and reading as healing tools

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