86 [S4 E18] I Call Her Mom

Today Haley is getting very vulnerable with Linda, her biological father’s wife, who Haley now calls Mom. Linda and Haley discuss how their expectations for reunion were starkly different, how the entire family went through some very rocky times together and what ultimately brought them to a healthy relationship. Haley’s brother also shares some of his thoughts on the surprise of hearing he had an older sister and what it looks like to be an uncle to Haley’s young kids.

Show Notes

  • Seek counselling if you’re in reunion and there’s some type of strain
  • Give your newly found family some resources (maybe that reunion chapter from Coming Home to Self) to help them understand the adoptee perspective
  • Be vulnerable - when I was blogging it helped Linda understand my experience at a deeper level
  • CutOff Genes Podcast

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