75 [Healing Series] Brainspotting with Dr. Julie Lopez

Dr. Julie Lopez, PhD, LICSW teaches us about Brainspotting. I know, it sounds a little bit woo woo…how on earth is our eye position related to our emotional and psychological brain mapping? Listen and you’ll know what to expect when you try out this powerful trauma-sensitive approach.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Dr. Julie explains the roots of Brainspotting. Developed by Dr. David Grand it came out of his experiences with EMDR (listen to this Healing episode where we discuss EMDR) and working with a professional figure skater.
  • www.vivapartnership.com/services/brainspotting
  • “Our eye position actually maps to spots in the brain where some of the material is stored that is in our unconscious”
  • What type of circumstance would be the impetus for seeking out Brainspotting as a therapy modality?
  • What happens when you go visit a therapist for a Brainspotting appointment? Dr. Julie walks us through the steps (that of course vary from client to client).
  • What sort of tools you can expect when you’re in the therapist’s office: a wand, potentially eye goggles, headphones with music in one ear at a time.

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