73 [Healing Series] The Resilient Brain Project with Dr. Julie Lopez

How often have we joked about how expensive therapy is? What do we do when we’re overwhelmed, feeling lost and have limited resources? Today Dr. Julie Lopez, PhD, LICSW tells us about her new initiative, The Resilient Brain Project. Where else can you find a comprehensive library of free apps, videos, playlists, research, and more that have been vetted by expert adoption-competent mental health providers? Listen in as Dr. Julie gives us an overview of what you can find for free over at The Resilient Brain Project.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Dr. Julie Lopez shares a bit of her story with us, including a glimpse into her reunion and why she got passionate about working in the healing field
  • We talk about the distinctions between “coming out of the fog” and “coming more awake”
  • The Viva Center in Washington, DC, their mission and how the idea for The Resilient Brain Project came about
  • How every therapeutic approach is not right for everyone, and how we can find what’s right for us.
  • What items can help individuals starting to feel hopeful about their situation?
  • If you’re an ally - how can you understand and support someone who is struggling?
  • The power of our stories being validated
  • Look in the Trauma/PTSD section to find relinquishment trauma-specific resources.
  • How does Dr. Julie define resilience?
  • Looking at the reasons behind some of the costs associated with high-level trauma care like Neurofeedback and the radical impact they can make in a very brief time vs insight-oriented/relationship-based therapies.
  • Check out this amazing resource! resilientbrainproject.com

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