50 [S3 E10] Deb - I Have Not Found Home

Deb Sivigny, a designer and newly a playwright shares about when she started connecting the dots of the impact adoption has had on her life, and how design and writing her play, Hello, My Name Is… has helped her process her adoptee experience.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Adopted from Korea, Deb grew up in a small town in Connecticut
  • Didn’t really discuss adoption much while growing up, but always knew she was adopted.
  • Diving deeper into adoption issues in adulthood, and discovering her artistic voice during college
  • (We mention Mike McDonald’s interview which you can find here)
  • Travelling back to Korea at age 37, her experiences there and the impact on her life
  • Why Deb isn’t searching (yet!) for her biological family, but has done DNA testing
  • The power of connecting with fellow adoptees, and fellow Korean adoptees online and in person
  • (We mention Kristen Garaffo’s interview which you can find here)
  • How Deb, a costume and set designer decided to write a play
  • Deb walks us through her play (and immersive experience!) Hello, My Name Is…
  • How plays like this can change people’s views about adoption and give them a small understanding of what it’s like to be adopted
  • The importance of adoptee activism and having our voices heard

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