35 [S2 E11] Jemma - Adopted Back

Can you really be adopted back into your family of origin? Today I get to introduce you to Jemma Sullivan, and she shares some incredibly painful realities of having a narcissistic adoptive parent, it’s not all gloom and doom though - I promise you need to wait to hear what happens at the beginning of Jemma’s new chapter with her first mother.

Show Notes

Things We Touched On

  • Struggles with a narcissistic adoptive mother
  • Black Sheep to Giraffe illustration by Dr. Karyl McBride Giraffe Story by Dr. Karyl McBride - YouTube
  • Stretches of estrangement from her adoptive family
  • Searching for her first mother and their reunion
  • What finally broke her relationship with her adoptive parents.
  • Adopted back in the state of Florida; law initially in place for a family to adopt adults who have aged out of the foster care system

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