42 [S3 E3] Tracy - I Was a Disappointment to Her

Today we discuss what happens when you search for your origins and find out you’re too late. Tracy also shares some painful stories about what her childhood experience of growing up with a narcissistic mother was like. Tracy explains her inspiration and the symbolism behind the broken heart adoption pendant. We wrap up with a great discussion about fostering creativity in ourselves and how that can lead to resilience and move us towards healing.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Finding her biological family, both her father and mother were deceased; found acceptance from her maternal aunts.
  • “I always thought that when I was ready, she (my birthmother) would be there”
  • Tracy waited to search, her adoptive mother was a narcissist and was a barrier to searching
  • Tracy’s adoptive mother was also an adoptee, and only found out at age 16 (in-family adoption).
  • Tracy goes in-depth into some of the abuses she experienced as a child. Tanning Beds and Fainting Spells
  • Tracy explains her inspiration and symbolism behind the Adoption Loss Pendant.
  • We chat about SOS Adoption and their work.
  • Flip the Script: Adult Adoptee Anthology
  • Why creativity and choosing your own outlet is so important to resilience and healing. Tracy gives some ideas for making a creative space for yourself. Tracy also talks about giving ourselves permission to just make something for ourselves! No perfection welcome here.

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