60 [S4 E2] April: I’ve Claimed It

I want to invite you into a discussion about relationships with ourselves, through the lens of identity and race. April Dinwoodie shares her journey of growing up brown in a white family, navigating relationships with her adoptive family and how she has come to claim her own identity. We also touch on the recent closure of the Donaldson Adoption Institute and what April sees as the way forward in the advocacy movement.

Show Notes

  • April’s podcast Born in June, Raised in April: What Adoption Can Teach the World!
  • Haley recommends starting with these two episodes of the show: “Mom and Me”, “Dad and Me” (First aired May 2017 and June 2017)
  • We also mention “How to Love a Transracially Adopted Person: An Intimate Interview with an Ex” (First aired February 2018)

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