67 [S4 E7] Rebekah and Mary - Siblings

Rebekah Henson and Mary Anna King give us an insider’s view of their reunion as two of seven siblings separated by adoption. Expect lots of laughter as we get invited into some inside jokes, and they share practical examples of how they maintain their relationships with each other even while living in seven different states across the country.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Navigating a reunion with 7 siblings!
  • How did you build your relationships with all of each other?
  • The benefits of social media and group text threads for connecting on an ongoing basis
  • How do you decide about which families get together on holidays?
  • A Google Hangout toast on special holidays - one touchpoint where you all can be “together” for a few minutes, do a toast and then if you’re able to hang out, great, if you’ve got to get back to other family, no problem.
  • The differences between a sibling-only meet up and one where partners and kids and parents are around
  • Advice: take some pictures that are just siblings… without partners, because sometimes partners aren’t around in a few years, and then all of the pictures have ex’s in them
  • What about the hard stuff? Any disagreements and how did they resolve them?
  • Some challenges our partners have had while we’re in reunion. Reunion airbag!
  • Mary Anna King’s previous appearance on Adoptees On
  • Rebekah Henson’s previous appearance on Adoptees On

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