58 [S4 Preview] Relationships - What's it like being married to an adoptee?

I interview my husband Nick about what it’s like to be married to an adopted person. He shares quite candidly about what it was like for him to walk through reunion with me TWICE! We also talk about what’s been the most helpful in building our relationship as we navigate adoptee triggers and coming out of the fog together.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • When Nick and Haley met and how long they’ve been married
  • Revealing the season 4 topic!
  • What is it like being married to an adopted person?
  • Nick gives his side of Haley’s first reunion with her birthmother
  • We talk about the differences in reunion with Haley’s birthfather
  • Nick opens up about how the honeymoon stage of reunion affected him
  • Going to counselling together to process reunion issues
  • Haley’s fear of rejection in reunion
  • What’s been helpful in their relationship:
    • Going to therapy together
    • Nick being able to be ok with not understanding
    • Listening to the podcast has helped Nick feel like Haley isn’t the only one with these adoptee issues
    • Haley having an outlet for adoption talk - with people online, with her psychologist, with support group; so it doesn’t fall on Nick entirely to support her emotionally
  • How can we as adopted people shift focus back to our partners, so it isn’t all about us?

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