104 [Healing Series] The PACT Method with Dr. Julie Lopez

Last week Dr. Julie Lopez taught us why is it so important for adopted people to understand implicit memory. Today she returns to Adoptees On to teach us about the PACT Method which can empower you to find the hidden roadblocks in your implicit memory!

Show Notes

Full episode transcript available here

Topics We Discussed

  • Dr. Julie gives an overview of what implicit memory is, and how it can impact us
  • Swiss neurologist Édouard Claparède’s discovery of implicit memory in the early 1900s
  • The PACT Method: Pain, Associations, Categorization, and Trust
  • You do need one other person to help you with this process, but they don’t need to be a therapist
    1. Pain Point - identifying your pain point
    1. Associations - free association to think of anything and even things that seem illogical or unrelated
    1. Categorization - make a chart with categories: feeling, sight, sound, sensations, illogical associations; fill in some of the associations into categories, also brainstorming new items in the chart
    1. Trust - find a friend or family member to share what you’ve discovered, and have them look at your pain point, associations, categorization chart. They are there to be the detective with their outside perspective, with a “posture of curiosity” and you take the “posture of humble student”
  • What do you do with what you’ve found out?
  • “There’s a great power in self awareness”

  • Live Empowered!: Rewire Your Brain's Implicit Memory to Thrive in Business, Love, and Life by Dr. Julie Lopez

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