78 [Healing Series] Finding a Therapy Group with Pam Greenstone, MA, LPC

Pam Greenstone, MA, LPC teaches us how to find a therapy group in our area. Pam gives us some ideas for finding out if the group therapist is adoption-competent, what to do if they aren’t, and tips for finding a safe group to express your adoptee-related concerns.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Our healing episode all about Group Therapy
  • Check these out for more information:
  • What to ask a therapist to ensure they’ll be adoption competent
  • Ask the therapist to read books that will increase their adoption competency - can they read The Primal Wound? Will they go to an adoptee conference?
  • Look for a group with one other adoptee in it
  • Be confident that you can share your adoptee experiences with those who aren’t adopted in a safe manner in a group therapy setting. It could be so healing and help you to understand yourself and your experiences even better.
  • You don’t have to decide to go to a group, you just make the first step to go to an intake session. After that, you can decide to go to the next intake session, or perhaps you’ll find that joining a group isn’t right for you at this time.
  • There’s a natural reaction to joining a group that can bring up anxiety for us.
  • With the level of disconnection in the world right now, Pam recommends finding in-person connection in a variety of ways: supper club, book club, self-help group, support group, therapy group… any manner of ways we can connect in real life will give us some great benefits.

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