Adoptees On Video Project

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support. We hope you have found a community of other adoptees where you feel safe and supported. We are hoping to create a series of short videos to post on social media. This is completely voluntary.

If you are interested, we ask that you film yourself and submit the footage to Calla Kelley-Renda, the social media intern, through the form below. We are looking for you to be candid and talk about your adoption to the extent of your own comfort. Some of the following phrases are what we are looking for… “I am an adoptee,”  “You are not alone,” “I hope to share my story with other adoptees,” “I am adopted,” “This is my story,” “I want to know where I come from,” “I want access to my original birth certificate,” “I can love both my adoptive parents and my biological parents,” “Adoption has made me resilient,” and “This is my adoption experience.” If none of these appeal to you or if you want to speak freely, please do so. Let us know how the Adoptees On podcast has impacted you. We are looking for about a 1-2 minute video. Feel free to include the age you were adopted and any other information/advice you want to share.

It may feel strange to film yourself in front of a camera, but it will get easier with practice. The best way to film is with a camera or a video camera. If not, you can use a phone, but be sure to hold it horizontally and also, make sure you are using the back camera and not the front camera. The back camera on phones are usually much better than the front camera. You can prop your camera/phone up on something, but make sure that it is steady. We want all the footage to be stable. Also, be sure that the lighting is good. You want light hitting your face, so make sure that the light source is in front of you and not behind you. Be loud and make sure you speak clearly. Afterwards, when you rewatch the video, make sure you can hear yourself. Speak slowly! If you can, avoid filming outside since there are usually leaves rustling or wind that can disrupt the final audio file. Even the noise from air conditioners is disruptive. You want to film in the quietest place you can.

If you don’t feel comfortable filming something where you can see your face, that’s okay. You can write what you want to say on pieces of paper and only film the pieces of paper. At most, have only one sentence on each piece of paper. Write clearly and with big letters. Just make sure that when you are filming the paper, say the words out loud. Speak slowly and clearly. Prop up the camera on something so it is continuously steady. Even if you hold the camera, it is natural for your hands to shake.

By submitting a video, you agree that the video may be broadcast and distributed without limitation and you shall not receive any compensation for their participation. You confirm that any and all material furnished for this program is either your own or otherwise authorized for such use without obligation to you or any third party. You further agree that your participation in the program confers upon you no rights to use, ownership or copyright.  You release Adoptees On and its employees and assigns from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by you or any third party in connection with your participation in the program(s). It is understood that Adoptees On is under no obligation to broadcast the above-identified program(s) or series. You  irrevocably assign to Adoptees On any and all claims of copyright you may have in and to the production. You give the perpetual right of Adoptees On to use, print, produce, publish, copy, display, perform, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, disseminate, market, advertise, lease, license, transfer, modify  and create derivative works from the production in any media or format, now known or unknown, for any purpose whatsoever. You hereby waive to the fullest extent that you may lawfully do so, any causes of action in law or equity you may have or may hereafter acquire against the Releasees or any of them for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark violation, right of publicity, or false light arising out of or in connection with the utilization by the Releasees or another of the Released Subject Matter.

When you submit a video, you hereby certify that you am over the age of eighteen, and that you have read, understood, and agreed to the foregoing.

You can email us at adopteesonpodcast{at} or use the following form to submit your video.

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