My name is Haley Radke and I'm adopted.

Haley Radke (by Clara Cecilia Photography)

Haley Radke (by Clara Cecilia Photography)

I despise small talk. I think it’s because I’m an introvert (INFJ and Enneagram 2 here). Instead, I crave meaningful conversations about deep topics. I’m insatiably curious, I’m a community-builder and connector, and I buy way more Kleenex than the average human (I’m a crier; it’s just who I am). 

After years of being an avid podcast listener, I searched for a podcast about the adoption experience. Everything I found was for adoptive parents. Excuse me? What about adopted people? Here we are… all grown up, and we have some thoughts. 

Just because you “know someone who’s adopted” doesn’t mean you actually know intimately their true feelings about their experience. But trust me. If you’re adopted - you KNOW. Even with loving and kind adoptive parents, I always felt unworthy; like I didn’t really belong. After all, if my own birthmother didn’t want me, there must be something wrong with me. 

Now I am making the podcast I needed to hear when I was feeling alone and like the only one in the world struggling with the grief of losing my biological family. 
July 2011; L-R: bro, Sis, Haley, Nick (my husband), Sis

July 2011; L-R: bro, Sis, Haley, Nick (my husband), Sis

Years of wondering led to searching in my early twenties. I found my mother and we had a short-lived reunion of four months until she cut off contact. Almost a decade later I found my Dad, his wife, and my three younger siblings. I have been riding the reunion rollercoaster with great joy, and sometimes sorrow, for seven years now. I have a deep desire to connect with other adopted people and to hear and share their stories. I truly believe that sharing these conversations will help shift the adoption myths society tells us. 

Adoptees On, is a gathering of incredible people willing to share their intimately personal stories with you. We talk reunion. Secondary rejection. Cease and desist letters from attorneys. Depression and suicidal ideation. Addiction. Building relationships. Being adopted and married. Getting divorced. All of it. Being adopted is no joke!

I also interview adoptees that are therapists who share their expertise with us. Anger. Perfectionism. What the heck do you do when you get triggered? Is adoption really a trauma? Uhhh, what’s “coming out of the fog?” How to start your own support group! Complex trauma. Creativity as a tool for healing. New insights every month.

Join me on this journey. Discover the life-changing impact of adoption, uncover buried layers of hurt and shame, and experience freedom and healing in our community. You’ve found the best-kept secret resource for adoptees on the internet IMHO ( 😜).

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Please don't talk to me when I'm trying to listen to a podcast

Please don't talk to me when I'm trying to listen to a podcast

TL;DR who is Haley Radke?

🔹I’m the creator and host of Adoptees On.
🔹I’m a community-builder and connector.
🔹I listen more than I speak (🤔).
🔹I’m a mama to two little boys.
🔹I’m married to a saint (Nick) who puts up with all of my adoptee issues.
🔹I’m an avid podcast listener (OK I’m addicted😳).
🔹I’m a crier and an empathetic ear.
🔹I’m an adoptee advocating for our voices to be heard.

I'm not a writer, but I play one on the internet

I'm not a writer, but I play one on the internet



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Giant thanks to my supportive husband and many dear friends who have encouraged me to produce this podcast! Special thanks to Amy Klassen and Jaclyn Chute for their editorial feedback on my inaugural episodes.