Surviving the Holidays

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Surviving the holidays as an adoptee
  • Holiday triggers
  • Being with one family when you'd rather be with another
  • Ghost Kingdom (Betty Jean Lifton) - wondering/fantasizing about biological family
  • Be aware of the triggers and practice nurturing and self care
  • Adoptive family should be talking about the grief and loss that the adoptee may feel
  • What do I do at dinner when there's an inappropriate comment?
  • Permission to excuse yourself from the table
  • Realizing we don't have to "go along" with things that make us uncomfortable
  • How do I enjoy where I am, and stop wishing I was somewhere else?
  • Practicing mindfulness, noticing your feelings and then bringing yourself back to what's around you: the table, the conversation, focusing in on the food or decorations
  • How do we talk to our adoptive family about our bio family, and vice versa?
  • As an adult we need to take care of ourselves, we're not responsible for the other adults' reactions/responses/feelings
  • W.I.S.E. Up When someone asks a question we can choose to: Walk away, Ignore, Share your Story, Educate

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