85 [S4 E17] Pam, Lauren, & Sarah - When Your Mother Is an Adoptee

Today one of our favourite therapists, Pam Cordano is back! This time we chat with Pam and her two adult daughters, Sarah and Lauren. Pam’s daughters tell us all about what it was like for them to grow up with a mother who was adopted. We discuss how Pam chose to parent differently than her adoptive parents, what were some positive and negative things about living with an adoptee in the house, and what their family has done to build healthy relationships with each other, especially in the teen through young adult years.

Show Notes

  • Beyond Adoption: You (Adoption healing retreats with Anne Heffron and Pam Cordano) on Facebook or email pcordano(at)comcast(dot)net for info
  • Therapy or, if you can’t afford it, make sure you’re investing in self-growth in other ways (books, podcasts, etc.)
  • Talking to your kids about your personal adoption experience
  • Family meetings - create a common dialogue with each other
  • Never leaving your family members behind - it’s an act of courage and valour for adoptees to hang in there for their kids
  • Going for a few sessions of family therapy - this can literally turn the course of your family around if your therapist is excellent!

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