101 [Healing Series] When Reunion Fails - Coping with Pamela Cordano, MFT

How can you cope when your reunion fails? Pam Cordano, MFT returns to the Healing Series to help us acknowledge the pain of reunion failure. She gives us some helpful tools to survive secondary rejection, being ghosted, or even when you’re the one to pull the plug after a lukewarm reception.

Show Notes

Full episode transcript available here

Topics We Discussed

  • Our own experiences of secondary rejection
  • Auto-immune disorder frequency in adoptees
  • Soul pain
  • What happens for us after we get the rejection - or realize we’ve been rejected
  • Coping tools: pushups ;), walking, breathing, water
  • Sounds basic but we need to acknowledge that this is a big deal!
  • The pain can literally feel physical, it can feel like someone has died.
  • “We can’t get rid of the pain, we need to learn to live with it”
  • “There is nothing abnormal about us feeling soul pain”
  • First Family Free!
  • Would you internet stalk after secondary rejection?

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