103 [Healing Series] Implicit Memory with Dr. Julie Lopez

Why is it so important for adopted people to understand implicit memory? Dr. Julie Lopez returns to Adoptees On to teach us how unhealthy patterns in our behaviour can be linked back to the wiring in our implicit memory AND what we can do about it!

Show Notes

Full episode transcript available here

Topics We Discussed

  • Implicit vs explicit memory
  • Patterns in our behaviour can be linked back to implicit memory for example, the implicit belief that vulnerability leads to heartbreak can lead to sabotaging relationships
  • What talk therapy is helpful for and why other therapeutic modalities are more successful at "recoding" implicit memory for behavioural changes
  • Even if we know something analytically, if it's wired in our implicit memory we can't access it using language
  • Adoptees often have an expectation that reunion will "fix" us, but it doesn't. Why not?
  • Dr. Julie walks us through a few case studies to explain what it looks like to actually do this work with implicit memory.

  • Live Empowered!: Rewire Your Brain's Implicit Memory to Thrive in Business, Love, and Life by Dr. Julie Lopez

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