44 [S3 E5] Shannon - Your Daughter is in Good Hands

Shannon Peck, a conceptual artist, shares her story. Adopted at 11 days old, she had an “idyllic childhood” and yet something was amiss in her life. In her forties, Shannon discovered attachment theory and began to realize the loss she had first experienced at birth. “Your Daughter is in Good Hands” is an exhibit documenting Shannon’s “search for her true identity.”

Cover photo and title provided by Shannon Peck

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Shannon discovering attachment theory and realizing adoption did have an impact on her life, even though she had an ‘idyllic childhood’
  • Nicholas Pearce art class
  • Finding out her birthmother had veto’d her records; later requesting them again and finding out some more information
  • Reaching out to her birthmother, secondary rejection
  • Shannon’s preparation for her exhibit, “Your Daughter is in Good Hands”
  • How stitching and creative work help Shannon process emotions
  • Finding her father through DNA testing

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