Season 3, Episode 6: Gareth - The magical realism of being adopted

Meet Gareth Price, a magical realism artist from New Zealand. We talk a lot about what being an adoptee feels like and the accompanying anger that Gareth tells me he’s dealt with all his life. Gareth and I chat about his art, his twin sister, and his reunion with his birth mother.

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Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Gareth and his twin sister were adopted at birth; their birthmother is also an adoptee
  • Reunion with his birthmother, and how things have deteriorated over the last few years.
  • Gareth’s piece The Resurrection of Ophelia
  • Gareth’s piece The Entomologist’s Dream
  • Dealing with anger and where our adoptee anger stems from
  • What types of things help with healing from trauma? Painting, therapy, listening to other adoptees share their stories.

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