10 [S1 E10] Landric

An interview with Landric, an adoptee who was recently found by his natural mother. We discuss his relinquishment, feelings about reunion, becoming an oldest brother to four siblings, and a big lesson he’s learned from his time in counselling.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Born in 1973 in North Carolina, relinquished at birth (premature)

  • Foster care for first three months

  • Adoptive parents infertile, Landric grew up as an only child

  • Landric used to believe being adopted wasn't a big deal, didn't think about it much

  • Was found by his natural mother in 2015

  • Growing as an only child, becoming an oldest of five siblings

  • Circumstances of his relinquishment

  • Speaking about adoption positively at first, protecting his natural mother's feelings

  • Pretending (to his adoptive parents) that everything is fine, that there aren't any adoption issues

  • Moving beyond the honeymoon stage, a deeper relationship with natural mother

  • The feeling we get when we say goodbye after a visit to bio-family

  • Speaking to adoptees who don't feel the need to look for biological parents

  • Contact with his biological father

  • Reaching out to his half-sister (paternal side)

  • Mourning the loss of bio-family

  • Advice to adoptive parents

  • Love addiction, adoptee issues

  • Desiring to be a parent, now focusing on putting his children first

  • Genetic mirroring, and fraternal twins

  • Accepting a step-child as your own, as an adoptee

  • Upheaval of reunion

  • Reassurance from biological family members in reunion

  • Reunion with siblings

  • Parenting as an adoptee

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