Season 1, Episode 5: Ellie

An interview with Ellie who shares her story of being an in-family adoptee; adopted by her great uncle and aunt, Ellie shares what her current relationship is like with her birth mother, who is now legally her cousin.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • In-Family adoption (by Great Aunt & Uncle; now birth mother is legally her cousin)
  • Finding out she was adopted at age 11
  • Relinquishment after infidelity/divorce 
  • Adoptive parents have three older biological daughters
  • As an in-family adoptee, wondering who else knows her biological position in the family
  • Her adoptive parents and some things they could have done differently
  • In-Family adoption vs closed adoption
  • The importance of getting into therapy
  • Coming out of the fog, #flipthescript
  • Deciding whether or not to connect to her biological father
  • Faith journey
  • Haley's experience with secondary rejection
  • Feeling different from her adoptive family, even though she has a biological connection
  • Attempting to build a deeper relationship with her birth mother

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