6 [S1 E6] Liz Prato

An interview with Liz Prato, author of Baby's on Fire. Liz shares her search and secondary rejection story with us. She received a letter from an attorney from her biological father. Liz also shares her beautiful reunion with her biological half-sister and the heartbreak of losing her entire adoptive family by age 44.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • 1963, baby scoop, Catholic charities, closed adoption

  • Premature, in an orphanage for the first few weeks

  • Craving touch (now a massage therapist), perhaps because of all the time she spent alone as an infant

  • Birthmother was age 23

  • “The Girls Who Went Away” - Ann Fessler

  • Grew up with an adoptive brother

  • Loss of entire adoptive family by age 44.

  • Searching for birthmother during 30s, using the confidential intermediary service

  • Secondary rejection by both birthmother and birthfather

  • Finding out she has half-bio siblings (on both sides)

  • Finding out her adoptive father had also relinquished a child

  • Colorado adoption records & activism to open records

  • Connecting with bio-sister and stages of reunion

  • Reconnecting with birthfather, and receiving a letter from his attorney

  • Finding healing in connecting with other adoptees

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