Healing Series: When Reunion Fails - Identity

What happens when your reunion fails? Pam Cordano, MFT returns to the Healing Series to help us focus in on ways we can find our identity without a connection to our biological family.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • For those of us who have a positive reunion, sometimes we see others having a failed reunion and we feel guilty about our own happiness.
  • A range of reunion challenges - door slam, complete refusal, one foot in the door, letter from a lawyer, no answer
  • Are we only showing a “false self” so that they accept us? Or can we show our “real selves”?
  • How do I figure out who I am if I’ve been rejected from reunion, and haven’t been given the opportunity to find myself that I expected?
  • Things to watch out for that are unhealthy responses to reunion fail and advice for finding our identity post-reunion fail.
  • Some practices that Pam shares we could do regularly to help us work on healing.
  • Registration info for American Adoption Congress Conference in Washington, DC April 3 - 6, 2019

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