46 [S3 E7] Kristen - Acting Adopted

Today I welcome Kristen Garaffo to share her story. Kristen discovered adoption had a deeper impact on her life than she originally realized. She shares some incredible moments of clarity she’s had along the way and about the impact acting, singing and yoga have had on her healing journey. We also chat about her one-woman show, Hi My Name is Kristen.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Kristen was born in Paraguay, her birthmother was 19 and already had a three year old daughter when she relinquished.
  • Kristen shares that she always knew she was adopted but didn’t necessarily know the impact until later into her college years.
  • There’s two distinct moments that really impacted Kristen and her awareness of her adoption trauma: one during yoga and one in a moment on a trip to Central America. So powerful!
  • How Kristen wrote her one-woman show with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein
  • The power of acting and live theatre, and why sharing our stories is so important
  • Healing with music and movement (yoga)

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