47 [S3 E8] Laura - The Adoption Museum Project

Meet Laura Callen, the founder of the Adoption Museum Project. Laura gives the most vivid recounting of a triggering situation that only another adopted person could understand and we talk about that really simple topic of dignity and justice in adoption. With our theme of healing through creativity, Laura explains some of the different experimental ways she and her team are exploring the topic of adoption through arts and culture.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • Laura’s adoption started with two weeks in foster care, she has a letter from her foster mother about that period of time
  • She was told she was adopted when she was five, and then it was just not discussed any further
  • Laura shares how she discovered adoption had an impact on her life
  • From a beautifully detailed story about a trigger that happened recently in Laura’s life, to explaining how therapy, a diagnosis of dysthymia and working on the Adoption Museum Project has helped in her healing journey.
  • What does dignity and justice look like in adoption for all parties?
  • What are the ways arts and culture can help us and the public understand more about adoption
  • Upcoming Adoption Museum Project Events: Conjuring Other Ways Home: Writing on Black Adoption in partnership with Keno Evo, founder of Black Table Arts
  • Ellen Herman’s The Adoption History Project and the inspiration for the upcoming History Lab
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  • Check out the hashtag #wedie on Twitter and here’s the post at The Lost Daughters introducing the hashtag

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