66 [S4 E6] Ryan and Anne - Divorce

Today you are invited into a conversation between Anne Heffron and her ex-husband Ryan Iwanaga. They tell us about their marriage, the things that pulled them apart, and we talk about what they’ve done since their divorce in order to co-parent well and have a peaceful relationship as friends.

Show Notes

Topics We Discussed

  • How Anne and Ryan met and first started dating
  • How married life began, what was great, what was challenging
  • How being adopted affects relationships
  • How they navigate their relationship and parenting their daughter post-divorce
  • While still honouring their current circumstances, we talk about what could have been different and what couples can do before it gets to the breaking point.

  • Get into couples counselling. Do it now! Address the simple issues early, build your relationship toolkit now and don’t get stuck when the rocky times come along.
  • Home - The Roll Model Roll Model by Jill Miller
  • Ryan challenges us: Don’t be afraid to ask and communicate with your spouse. It’s ok to ask about the sadness.

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